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Bone Grafting Is Sometimes Necessary for Other Procedures

Although you might think of bone as a rigid material, the reality is that bone can reform itself by creating new bone cells and removing the old ones. This flexibility in the jawbone is helpful when you need to reposition your teeth using braces but harmful when you lose your adult teeth. Once teeth are lost, the bones surrounding them are also usually lost as they’re resorbed over time. Missing teeth and lacking jawbone support will eventually cause your facial features to sag and other issues. However, thanks to modern science and dental technology, you have restorative options available. Dr. Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D. provides dental bone grafting in our South Ogden, UT office. Talk to our team today to discover how bone grafting can be beneficial to your health and appearance.

Dr. Norris showing tooth example

What Is Bone Grafting? How Are Bone Grafts Used?

Bone grafting is a minor dental surgical procedure in which an incision is made in your gums to access your jawbone. Bone grafting material is taken from elsewhere in your body or from a donor and added to your jawbone. If grafting material is taken from a donor, you can rest assured it has been sterilized and processed carefully in a lab setting first to prevent disease transmission and the chance of rejection. Bone grafting materials range from powders and granules to gels that can be injected via a syringe. The material may require a collagen membrane covering to aid in the bone repair and regeneration process.

Teeth bone grafting is often necessary to save teeth that have been compromised by periodontal disease or bone loss. Bone grafting is also a common preliminary procedure for patients requiring a tooth extraction or dental implants. When a dentist extracts a tooth, they may go ahead and deposit bone grafting material into the tooth socket to prepare your mouth for a future dental implant. You must have adequate jawbone support for dental implants to be successful. If you have already suffered severe bone loss due to decay or periodontal disease, dental bone grafting may be necessary to regenerate bone structure before placing your dental implants for the best results.

Are There Different Types of Teeth Bone Grafts?

Much research has gone into the science of bone grafting in recent years. Various types of bone grafts can be used by a dentist, depending on the source of the grafting material, including:

  • Autografts – Autografts involve taking bone from one part of your body (harvesting) and transferring it to another (depositing). This is the most common type of bone grafting.
  • Allografts – Allografts involve taking human bone from a donor. This type of bone grafting material usually comes from a tissue bank courtesy of deceased donors.
  • Xenografts – Xenografts involve taking bone grafting material from an animal (usually a cow).
  • Alloplasts – Alloplasts involves using synthetic bone grafting materials created in a scientific lab.

What to Expect During a Dental Bone Grafting Procedure

Jawbone grafting generally requires local anesthesia to numb the area, although oral or IV sedation may be administered to alleviate anxiety and achieve greater patient relaxation. Many patients experience minor discomfort after the procedure due to the gum incision. However, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines, pain relievers, and ice therapy should quickly ease any pain or discomfort. Your body may take as long as seven months to heal and regenerate bone before being ready for dental implants, but the wait will be worth it. Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and generally have a high success rate for beautiful, long-lasting results.

Dr. Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D. Offers Complete Dental Care

As a general dentist, Dr. Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D. offers comprehensive dental care for the whole family. From dental exams, cleanings, and teeth whitening to root canals, veneers, and wisdom teeth removal, we offer many general, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures under one convenient roof. Let our caring dental team help you maintain your oral health by catching cavities, infections, and other problems early enough to nip them in the bud. You can count on us for open communication regarding recommended treatments to keep your dental care on track. If you’re a new patient, be sure to browse our gallery to view our friendly staff in action.

Ask About Our New Patient Specials and Discount Plan

Dr. Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D. accepts new patients and walk-ins for dental emergencies. If it’s your first time visiting our office, you’ll find us conveniently located on Fashion Point Drive in South Ogden, UT. We’re open Monday through Thursday with same-day treatments available. To learn more about tooth bone grafting or other procedures we offer, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Be sure to ask about our specials and discount plan, which could save you 25% on all dental services without the hassle of claim forms and relying on a third-party insurance provider. We’d love to welcome you!

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