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Dental Veneers to Perfect Your Teeth

Getting beautiful teeth is easy and affordable with dental veneers at Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D.. Our office in South Ogden, UT has helped countless patients enhance their smiles with cosmetic care, and veneers are an excellent way to achieve stellar results in a short time. Veneers are thin shells that we place over the front of your teeth to cover aesthetic flaws and give your teeth a perfect appearance. Veneers are an option for correcting many issues, such as chipped, worn, crooked, or misshapen teeth, as well as stains or spacing issues. We create your veneers to look just like natural teeth. They’re also durable, and they don’t stain easily. Schedule an appointment with our dental team to discuss your oral condition and whether veneers are a good choice for you.

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Things to Consider When Getting Veneers

Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D.’s cosmetic procedures ensure you get a beautiful smile quickly and with as little discomfort as possible. We understand your desire to correct aesthetic issues with your teeth, and our dental team is ready to help you. If veneers are an option you’d like to explore, we suggest that you consider the following points before you have them placed on your teeth.

Consider Following Points Before Placing Veneers on Your Teeth
  • When considering dental veneers for your teeth, we will discuss your expectations and the various treatment options we offer. Keeping a regular dental regimen at home and routine visits to the dentist are essential to keep your mouth healthy.
  • We must verify that your teeth and gums are healthy before applying veneers. The dentist will check the condition of your mouth when we discuss this option for you, and we can perform any necessary treatments to fully restore your oral health.
  • While we try to remove as little tooth enamel as possible when preparing your teeth for veneers, the process is permanent. Once we remove the enamel, it cannot be restored.
  • Dental veneers may come loose as time passes. If you notice this happening with your veneers, let us know as soon as possible so that we can make any repairs. In many cases, you will need new veneers to replace the loose ones.
  • If you clench or grind your teeth, veneers may not be a good choice for you. These actions can cause veneers to chip and break. If you have these issues and you do get veneers, we may recommend you use a plastic dental night guard when you sleep.

Visit Our Office in South Ogden, UT

When you’re ready to enhance your teeth with safe and effective cosmetic treatments like veneers, Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D. wants to help you. Your perfect smile is within easy reach at our South Ogden, UT office, and we use up-to-date dental technologies and methods to ensure beautiful long-term results.

Achieve Your Best Dental Health at Our Office!