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Serving South Ogden, UT’s Emergency Dentistry Needs

A dental emergency can be a stressful and scary situation, so you need to know there’s a dentist in South Ogden, UT you can turn to for quick and effective care. Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D. is a family-oriented dental practice that offers comprehensive emergency dentistry to patients of all ages. You should never try to fix an urgent dental issue yourself. Make sure your throbbing tooth or abscess gets treated by our professional staff of dental experts. In our years of experience, we’ve seen and resolved a wide variety of oral damage and pain, including infections and trauma from a fall or accident. Our office has the latest equipment and techniques to treat your dental emergency. When you contact us, we’ll get you into a chair as soon as possible to ensure you don’t have to endure the pain and damage for long. Dr. Norris and our friendly dental team will handle your issue with prompt service that prioritizes your comfort while we work.

Dr. Norris and young dental patient

Types of Dental Emergencies We Treat

Don’t neglect sudden or chronic pain in your mouth or the symptoms of an infected tooth. When an urgent dental issue affects you, Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D. will make sure you get dental care as soon as possible. You might wonder what qualifies as a dental emergency. If your gums are irritated or you’ve discovered a crack in your tooth that doesn’t cause any pain, we recommend scheduling an appointment at our office so that we can treat it, but you don’t typically need immediate care.

Dental Emergencies That Require Attention
  • You are suffering from severe pain or bleeding around your teeth, gums, or other areas in the mouth
  • You have damaged, broken, loose, or dislodged tooth due to trauma, impact, or another cause
  • A tooth has fallen out or been knocked out of your mouth
  • You have a sudden or longstanding toothache
  • You’re showing possible signs of an infection, such as swelling in the gums or face, foul smell, or fever
  • One of your restorations, including crowns, bridges, and fillings, has fallen out of its place and needs to be reattached (This is not an immediate priority, but we will schedule care within the very near future to fix it)

Call Us Right Away for Prompt Dental Care

Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D. assures you that our staff is fully trained and experienced at helping you resolve any dental emergency you have. Our office in South Ogden, UT understands the pain and fear you might suffer from dental damage or infection, so we’re ready to bring you in and repair the issue quickly. With our professional help, you can return to good oral health and a pain-free smile.

Achieve Your Best Dental Health at Our Office!