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There’s No Need to Fear Visiting Dr. Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D.

Dental anxiety is a genuine concern for many children and adults. For some people, it brings back traumatic childhood memories. For others, it’s more about having a bad gag reflex and not feeling comfortable when objects are placed inside their mouths. Whatever the reason, you do not need to worry about visiting the office of Dr. Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D. We provide sedation dentistry for our South Ogden, UT patients to put them at ease during dental treatments. Our office offers several options, ranging from IV sedation dentistry to oral conscious sedation dentistry, to accommodate your needs. Let us know how we can help make you feel more comfortable when you schedule your next appointment!

Dr. Norris filling a cavity

What Is Dental Sedation? How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

Dental sedation makes it possible for dentists to provide various treatments safely and comfortably for patients of all ages. Whether you have a fear of visiting the dentist or have a hard time staying still for the duration of procedures, sedation dentistry is preferred by many dentists and patients alike. State and federal regulations carefully monitor sedation dentistry. There are three main levels of sedation: mild, moderate, and deep sedation. Mild sedation is usually administered orally in a pill or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) through a nose mask. Moderate sedation includes light IV sedation or oral conscious sedation in which you remain awake during a procedure but in a deep state of relaxation. Deep sedation is also referred to as sleep sedation dentistry. You’ll likely be unconscious during your entire dental procedure, with no memory of it afterward. Depending on the type of sedation you’re given, you may need to arrange for transportation after your procedure, as deeper sedatives may take several hours to wear off and may impair your ability to drive.

Types of Sedation Dentistry Available at Our Office

Dr. Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D. offers several types of sedation dentistry for our South Ogden, UT patients. We have an on-staff Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) to administer dental anesthesia, including the following options:

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

As the name implies, nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, tends to make patients feel giggly and then relaxed. If you experience dental anxiety, this low sedation option may be all that’s necessary to help take the edge of being at the dentist off your mind. You should be able to drive yourself home after your appointment, as laughing gas doesn’t remain in your system very long.

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Oral conscious sedation is typically administered in the form of a pill or two taken orally about an hour before your procedure. You should feel drowsy, but oral conscious sedation doesn’t always knock you completely out. Whether or not you remain awake will depend on the dosage and your threshold.

IV Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation is administered via your veins through an intravenous tube. Because it goes directly to your bloodstream, this type of sedation works quickly. The dosage will determine whether you remain partially conscious or unconscious during the procedure. Our CRNA can put you completely under deep sedation for more extensive procedures, such as wisdom teeth removal.

What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

If you’re just coming in for a routine dental checkup and you don’t experience dental anxiety, you likely won’t need to be sedated. However, sedation dentistry offers several benefits for patients, including the following:

  • Little to no memory of the procedure afterward
  • Little to no anxiety or discomfort during treatment
  • No sense of time, smells, or sounds during the procedure
  • Controls the gag reflex to promote patient cooperation
  • Reduces the amount of time and visits needed for procedures
  • Gives the dentist more control during the procedure

Other Dental Services We Offer at Dr. Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D.

Dr. Kevin L. Norris, D.M.D. is a general dentistry practice providing comprehensive general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care for the entire family. Other dental services we offer include dental exams, teeth cleanings, teeth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, veneers, wisdom teeth removal, root canals, dentures, dental implants, CEREC same-day crowns, teeth aligners, emergency dentistry, and more. Patients of all ages come to us for quick, effective dental treatment at our family-oriented practice. We utilize the latest technology and techniques to help our patients achieve radiant, healthy smiles for life.

Schedule an Appointment to Discuss Sedation Dentistry Options

If you’d like to learn more about our sedation dentistry options in South Ogden, UT, we encourage you to contact us and schedule an appointment. Our office is open Monday through Thursday, and we’re always accepting new patients. We look forward to meeting and treating you!

Achieve Your Best Dental Health at Our Office!